Industrial Rust Preventatives

Dymar Chemicals offers a full range of high technology, industrial rust preventatives and corrosion inhibitors. This offering includes:

    • Oil based rust preventatives
    • Soluble oil based rust preventatives
    • Wax film solvent based preventatives
    • Wax film water soluble rust preventatives

Oil Based Rust Preventatives

    • Easily applied by spray, brush or dip
    • Economical indoor/outdoor protection
    • Easily cleaned with alkaline or solvent
    • Displaces moisture

Soluble Oil Based Rust Preventatives

    • Economical indoor protection
    • Easily applied by spray, brush or dip
    • Easily cleaned with water based cleaners
    • Environmental friendly

Wax Film Solvent Based Rust Preventatives

    • Very fast drying time
    • Excellent long term protection, indoor or outdoor
    • Contain unique rust preventative additives
    • Meets military specs where required

Wax Film Water Soluble Rust Preventatives

    • Provide economical indoor and outdoor protection
    • Contain unique rust preventative additives
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Easily cleaned with a solvent cleaner

Dymar Chemicals will work with you to determine the most efficient rust preventative for your specific application.