Lubriplate Lubricants

For 135 years, Lubriplate Lubricants has manufactured and sold only the highest quality lubricants to all types of industry. The advent of ISO-9000 has given them the opportunity to prove that “they practice what they preach.” As an ISO-9001 registered company, all of Lubriplate’s employees have totally committed themselves to developing, manufacturing and selling quality products that meet and exceed your expectations. Their commitment to maintaining ISO-9001 certification provides them with a bright and strong future.

Dymar Chemical Limited warehouses has the most current and complete inventory of Lubriplate Lubricants products in Eastern Canada. The consistent use Lubriplate Lubricants in your business will deliver specific benefits to you and your machinery. Lubriplate Lubricants are formulated to provide superior protection against the effects of friction, wear, heat, rust and corrosion. This quality protection will result in greatly improved production time, reduced downtime and maintenance, fewer parts replacements and less inventory. It all adds up to improved operations, longer life for your machinery, increased productivity and greater profit on the bottom line.