Metal Working Fluids Division

The Dymar line of metalworking fluids have been custom formulated to meet specific metalworking challenges on a wide variety of operations.

Our range of high technology metalworking fluids include:

    • Oils
    • Greases
    • Soluble oils
    • Semi synthetics
    • Synthetics
    • Micro emulsions
    • Soap based metalworking lubricants
    • Vanishing oils
    • Quenchants

Our complete metalworking line of specialized metalworking fluids may be used for any of the following applications:

    • Specialized machining
    • Gear hobbing or shaping
    • Stamping and deep drawing
    • Tube drawing, perforating or reducing
    • Rolling or blanking
    • Wire, bar, or rod drawing
    • Finning
    • Cold heading or punching
    • Grinding and polishing
    • Extrusion and Cold Forming

To solve your specific metalworking problem, please contact us.