Synthetic Mechanical Pump


Dymavac 25: is a synthetic hydrocarbon oil put through a molecular distillation process. It has a unique chemical structure, free of all reactive elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur. It has twice the molecular weight of normal hydrocarbon oils and exhibits superior hydrolytic stability. It has excellent lubricating properties and exceptional thermal stabiltity, and results in low backstreaming. It features excellent internal metal protection and resistance to high temperatures and chemical attack. It is miscible with conventional hydrocarbon oils.Applications include all corrosive environments in semiconductor manufacturing, and in all biomedical fields. It is also used in freeze dryers and optical coatings, mass spectrometers and leak detectors.

Ultimate Pressure @ 25 ° C – 1 x 10- torr
Viscosity @ 38 ° C – 71 cSt

Direct replacement for:
Permavis 8, Inland 45, Leybold HE275, and Alcatel AE111.


Dymite A and Dymite Z: are synthetic hydrocarbon oils put through a double molecular distillation process. The Dymite series of oils exhibit slightly better performance characteristics than the Dymavac 25 oil shown above. Dymite oils are extremely stable under high temperature and have excellent resistance to chemical attack, as well as providing superior protection for the internal metal components of the vacuum pump. They are highly stable in corrosive environments, have a long service life, and are miscible with conventional hydrocarbon oils.Ultimate Pressure @ 25 ° C – 1 x 10- torr
Viscosity @ 38 ° C – 52 cSt (Dymite A) and 67 cSt (Dymite Z)
Direct replacement for:
Gold Seal A and L, Inlnad Invoil 45, Leybold HE275


Dymavac TW and HVTW:

are double distilled oils for use in corrosive environments containing aggressive compounds and highly reactive gases. They are used in LPCVD, Plasma Etch, Ion Implantation, and Nitride deposition applications.

Ultimate pressure @ 25 ° C – 3 x 10- torr
Viscosity @ 38 ° C – 55 cSt (TW) and 71 cSt (HVTW)

 TW is a direct replacement for:
Leybold HE400, Alcatel AE300, Inland TW, Stokes V Lube ‘L’, Mvak TW HVTW is a direct replacement for:
Kurt J Lesker TKO W/7, CVC TW/7, Balzers P3, Ulvac Ulvroil R80, Cumberland CVP 198.


Dymavac 500: is a turbo pump oil that is chemically identical to Leybold HE500 and Balzers TL-011 Turbo Pump Oils.

Ultimate pressure @ 172 ° C – 0-1 mm
Viscosity @ 54 ° C – 8.7 cSt