Dupont Krytox Lubricants

Krytox oils are non-flammable, chemically inert and thermally stable pure fluorine fluids. Designed for vacuum systems using aggressive and reactive chemicals, they are the safest oils for oxygen service.

Performance advantage:
Best performing and lubricating vacuum oils. They have superior vapour pressure capabilities and resistance to Lewis Acids compared to other inert fluids.

Value advantages:
We are the least expensive source for in-Canada purchasers of inert oils, while eliminating the ordering hassles. We inventory for fast and friendly service.

The oils can be completely recycled to high recovery yields by DuPont through Dymar Chemicals.  Their limitless reuse yields high cost-effectiveness.


Complete Product and Cross Reference Guide

Krytox 1506: Vapour Pressure @ 20 ° C – 4 x 10- torr
Viscosity @ 20 ° C – 62 cSt
Direct replacement for:
Fomblin 06/6, Castrol Braycote 1722 and 1722+, Halocarbon 27


Krytox 1514: Vapour Pressure @ 20 ° C – 2 x 10- torr
Viscosity @ 20 ° C – 142 cSt
Direct replacement for:
Fomblin 16/6 and 14/6, Leybold HE1600, Halocarbon 56
Castrol Braycote 1723 and 1723+


Krytox 1525: Vapour Pressure @ 20 ° C – 1 x 10- torr
Viscosity @ 20 ° C – 261 cSt
Direct replacement for:
Fomblin 25/5 and 25/6, Leybold HE2700, Halocarbon 95
Castrol Braycote 1724 and 1724+


Krytox 1618 diffusion pump oil: Vapour Pressure @ 20 ° C – 5 x 10- torr
Viscosity @ 20 ° C – 175 cSt
Direct replacement for:
Fomblin H-Vac 18/8 and SV


Krytox Low Vapor Pressure Vacuum Grease: This chemically-inert grease outperforms all other vacuum greases in extreme temperature, pressure, and chemical environments. It is both an excellent lubricant and sealant, and is less expensive than many inferior vacuum greases.
Direct replacement for:
Fomblin Y-Vac 3


DuPont Vertrel XF Solvent: A zero ozone depletion cleaner for cleaning, rinsing and drying in vacuum systems that use Krytox or Fomblin. It replaces HCFC and PFC fluids in most applications, and acts as a higher boiling point and lower surface tension replacement for CFC-113.
Maintenance applications:
Vacuum pump cleaning, degreasing, dewatering – a cleaning and rinsing agent. Drying fluid. Particulate remover. Fluorocarbon lubricant carrier. Solvent and dispersion media. Heat transfer media.

Dymar’s recycling service:
Vacuum fluid users can realize substantial savings through a reduction in new oil purchases and oil disposal costs by recycling their inert oils. The recycled fluid can be confidently reused as a direct replacement for new oil. 75 lbs/ 5 (U.S.) gallons is the minimum amount required for recycling, but Dymar’s fluid purchase program serves the smaller user through our purchasing of smaller amounts of collected oils. The pre-recycled condition of the oil determines its value.

Advantages to recycling through Dymar:
Recycling through the DuPont’s production facility ensures consistently high quality and performance of returned Krytox and Fomblin. Cheaper recycling costs, fast turnaround time, and the elimination of shipping and customs hassles are ensured.